Custom made for you

We create customized solutions for your needs.

We understand that every business and industry is unique—
there is no one-size-fits all. With our wide range of product properties and product variations, we tailor our non-woven products to fit your requirements and serve as an effective solution for you.

Quality Control

Quality means effective solutions.

Quality matters to us because we want to create solutions that work. Our policies to control quality include:

Increase in customer satisfaction

Increase in efficiency & quality of resources

Quality management systems

Product research and development

We want to ensure that our product properties and variations meet your requirements and specifications. To do this, we conduct product testings, product development, product and manufacturing process review, and quality system audits. We also apply strict quality control procedures to our raw, supporting, and packaging materials.

Product & Technology

Technology & product development means constant growth & innovation.

This is why we measure, assess, and control every aspect of our production process. Our entire manufacturing process is computerized and monitored in control panel rooms by our team. We want to consistently deliver reliable solutions, as we strive to learn and develop new advancements in nonwoven product variations and product properties.

Through our engineering, management, and automation processes, we maintain the consistency of our nonwoven products and pursue sustainable growth in quality. We also equip our facilities with a research laboratory and apply total quality management systems across our manufacturing processes. And as result of our commitment to quality, we have conducted and passed the JIS L-1906, ASTM D4632, and ASTM D533 standards.

Our philosophy is to work closely with you to develop new specifications and customizations to fit more specific demands of your business & industry. Producing new composite products, product properties, and product variations to create more and more solutions that solve your needs and change your life.

Human Resources

We believe our team is the key to our success.

Our development and our achievements are the results of competence, diligence, and teamwork. As a company, we prioritize in educating and growing our team through training and development programs. We emphasize flexibility, excellence, competitiveness and equality. We continuously work to improve our performance and reward systems, organizational culture, and industrial relations to ensure that we recognize the value of our team.