We believe in sustainable manufacturing.

We place a great emphasis on environmental issues and workplace safety. In building our business and organization, we always emphasize on equality, welfare, and environmental friendliness. We do this through our processes, regulations, culture, and care programs like Save Our Planet and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

As our commitment to the environment, we ensure that our finished products are fully recyclable and we have built a recycling plant that recycles waste at every step of our production process. The recycled polymer chips from our plant are used in other manufacturing processes, such as footwear and household industries.

we always emphasize equality, welfare, and environmental friendliness


Together we can make a difference.

As a company, we are a part of our society. With intentionality and the right actions, we are able to make a difference. Our company believes in giving generously and providing solutions to the societal issues of our local community and the world at large.