PT. Trias Spunindo Industri

Established in 2019, PT. Trias Spunindo Industri represents a partnership between PT Trias Sentosa, Tbk. and PT. Multi Spunindo Jaya.

Nonwoven for Geotextile
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PT. Trias Spunindo Industri specializes in manufacturing in continuous polyester nonwovens geotextile. This technology allows PT. Trias Spunindo Industri to provide solutions for various applications, such as:

Separation between soil in paved or unpaved roads, rail road constructions, landfills and stoned-based courses

Reinforcement in river banks and mountain slopes

Filtration in pavement edge drains

Drainage in earth dams retaining walls, and agricultures

Protection for other geosynthetic materials

PT. Trias Spunindo Specializes in manufacturing continuous polyester nonwovens geotextile.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Krian, Sidoarjo.