Q: What is nonwoven?
A: Nonwoven is a flat, flexible porous sheet structures that are produced by interlocking layers or networks of continuous filament.
Q: What's the main difference between a textile, paper, film and a nonwoven product?
A: Textiles are either woven or knitted, and one needs a yarn to manufacture either one of them. For the textile industry, yarns constitute its main raw material. The nonwoven industry works with natural and man-made fibers/filament, without the need to first spin yarns from them. Fibers/filaments are consolidated directly into fabrics or formed products through the use of one or a combination of several technologies, none of which involve weaving or knitting.

Q: How many kind of nonwoven?
A: There are many kind of nonwoven product. Descriptive subclasses of nonwoven fabrics have been derived from the method of web formation, web consolidation, formation/consolidation or end-use application.

Web formation groupings include:
inclined fourdrinier
cast film
slit-extrude, etc

Web-consolidation categories include:
mechanically bonded
chemical bonded
print bonded
thermal bonded
point bonded
foam bonded
spray bonded, etc

Example of formation/consolidation classification:

End-use application category examples:
disposable soft goods
semi durable
sanitary absorbents, etc

Q: What is spunbond?
A: Spunbond is nonwoven which made from continuous filament extrusion based and the interlocking of filament use thermal bonding with point bonding. The specific properties of spunbond is strong compare to nonwoven made from staple fiber, flexible, not so bulky compare with needlepuched.
Q: What are the applications can be made from nonwoven spunbond?
A: Many various application can be made such as wipes, medical products, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products, baby diapers which are disposable nonwovens, filtration media, interlinings, home furnishing, geotextiles, agricultural fabrics, automotive fabrics which are durable nonwovens, etc. You can also see in application section.

Q: Where is our location? Where do you supply?

A: Our location is in Indonesia, at Ds Jabaran, Kec Balongbendo, Krian, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Our location is around 45 min from Juanda International airport.

We usually supply:
to World Wide countries such as Asia, Australia, USA, Europe, etc.

Q: What is the type of bonding do you used?
A: We use point bonding to make our product.
Q: What type of material do you produce?
A: We can produce monocomponent spunbond, bicomponent spunbond, meltblown, composite material,and special treated fabric.
Q: How is the filament size of product?
A: Our machine can make fine denier filament. We can produce from 1-4 dpf
Q: Are colored fabric possible?
A: We offer wide variety of colored spunbond and can also have characteristic resistance to UV rays
Q: What weights are available?
A: Fabric basis weight range from 12 gram per square meter to 150 gram per square meter.
Q: How much is the roll width you served?
A: We can make from 20mm until 3200mm width
Q: How much is the diameter of each roll?
A: The diameter of rolls is depends on the length and thickness of each product. The maximum diameter of our product is 1100mm. We can calculate the suitable diameter for shipment. Please contact us for the convenience load ability.
Q: How much is the strength of your product?
A: It depends on the basis weight of the product. To have the standard and specific physical properties please kindly contact us
Q: What is the testing method used in measuring physical properties?
A: Regularly we use JIS L-1906 as our standard measurement methods; however we can do also other measurement as customer requirement which can comply with our testing machine such as ASTM D 4632, ASTM D 4533, etc
Q: Can the product have another treatment?
A: Yes, our product can be treated with additive, ink for printing, etc. The purpose of this treatment is to make another characteristic, or to have more valuable product. We often make our product treated such as UV, hydrophilic as well as color product.
Q: Can nonwovens spunbond used in the diaper?
A: Yes it can. It can be use as top sheet layer (exp hydrophilic product), distribution layer (exp hydrophilic product), back sheet, backing leg cuff.
Q: What is the major application can be applied with your material?
A: It can be use for hygiene/personal care, medical, building & civil construction, automotive & vehicle, filtration, agriculture &holticulture, household & home furnishing, apparel, packaging & advertising, etc. You can have more descrition in major application section.
Q: Can you provide samples of your product?
A: Yes off course we can. Please contact us for detail samples you needed.
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