As technology grows with amazing speed, we realize that nothing is eternal.

The entire production process of spunbond manufacturing is computerized and is continuously monitored in the control panel room by competent production staff to maintain high quality products.

The division is proud to be running one of the most advanced areas of our factory where they can measure and asses every aspect of our production process.




We are striving to maintain a continuous learning and development program for our staff and facility without any exceptions.

Besides our reliance on process engineering and effective management tools to continuously improve our efficiency, the employment of automation and high tech aids is never neglected. The plant is equipped with a laboratory where the quality and consistency of our spunbond is continuously checked.

By implementing Total Quality Management system, we are committed to carry out strict Quality Assurance and Control procedures to ensure that our products meet stringent requirements.

We work closely with our customers to develop new products for new applications. With wide converting process capabilities, we can develop different kinds of composite product for many different applications. We are glad to hear your requirements and find the best solutions for your spunbond nonwoven needs.

As a guarantee of our quality, we have conducted and passed tests to JIS L-1906, ASTM D4632, ASTM D533 standard, and with computerized equipment and setting records we are able to maintain our production operation at consistent levels.